They may not be entirely new, and you may have seen them before, but as Allure puts it, hairstyles don't really disappear — they just move into the shadows for a bit, and all of a sudden, the style is spotted on celebrities and social media. Which is good because if you're not in on the bob trend yet, 2020 may be your moment, especially if you're not keen on making a drastic change and going with a short haircut this year. 

Latest Hairstyles is partial to the "long bob" or lob, simply because it works with just about every face shape and hair type there is. This medium-length style lends itself to different styling options, from straight as a pin to beachy waves. The only thing a lob requires is a bit of thought beforehand — to decide how your lob might frame your face, and which type suits your type of hair best.

To perk up your lob, you may want to consider bangs, which hairstylist Alan Vuong expects to see a lot of this year. Bangs are expected to run the gamut of styles from sideswept bangs and curtain bangs to bangs that part in the middle.